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Google gave me something before visiting !

Its on the google maps

This is how you see it from many miles from the sky


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44515 Squre Meter Land in Buffer Zone of a Rain Forest

Is this a dream?

I was wondering what a forum topic should looks like. Is it what you know? What you have experienced? A peace of advice?

In my case, It is not going to be any of these !
Its about a dream. Dream that time will tell if it will come true or not.

You get 44515 Squre Meter land near a wold famous rain forest
You preserve the forest
You grow something that make your living
You looks around and see endless cover of forest in all directions
You welcome animals and birds and those creatures
You see wild flowers
You make fountains out of natural strems
You generates electricity to have a hot bath in the nighg after cold bath in the stream in the morning

Be a part of my dream.
I will come back soon.

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